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The new season is about to begin

September 26, 2018

In just over two weeks the new lecture season will begin. Always an exciting time to see what treats we have on offer over the coming months.  The opening lecture on Friday 12th October is entitled Shrines, fortresses, and shifting towns: archaeology of the Upper Casamance, Senegal (7th-19th centuries).  Sirio says:

This talk will discuss the archaeology of Kaabu, a West African kingdom that controlled the wider Senegambian region from the 13th to the 19th centuries. Initially part of the wider Mali Empire, later an independent state, Kaabu was well known from oral traditions and historical chronicles but had never been studied archaeologically prior to this project.

It should be a fascinating start to the season.  I have designed a poster to advertise the talk.  If anyone is willing to put some up, please let me know and I can either email you the pdf or send some hard copies.

Now for the bad news!  Subs are due at the first meeting.  They are £15 for an individual, or £20 for a family.  You can either pay us at the first meeting, or if you would like to use a direct deposit, email us for the bank details (


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