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Not Just A Pointy Stick! The Hunting Weapons of the Pre-Neanderthals

January 7, 2017

The next WAS lecture will be on Friday 27th January at 7.45pm. Annemieke Milks from the UCL Institute of Archaeology will be talking about “Not Just a Pointy Stick! The Hunting Weapons of the Pre-Neanderthals”. Focusing on the origins and performance of ‘simple’ and ‘complex’ projectile technologies and understanding Middle Pleistocene hunting behaviours.

For more information on Annemieke’s area of research please visit her Institute of Archaeology profile:

Not Just a Pointy Stick



Devils and wicked men

November 27, 2016

The next talk is the intriguingly named “Devils and wicked men: The origins of two early castles in Luton” by Joe Abrams.  It will be on Friday 2nd December in the United Reformed Church Hall, WGC at 7.45.  Poster below.

The conference on Saturday went very well.  We estimate there were about 125 people there.  Once we have caught our breath we will be starting the long process of publication.  Hopefully, it will be quicker than the first conference.

Lastly, we are having our Christmas party on December 10th at 23 Mill Lane, Welwyn, starting at 8pm.  Tickets can be purchased on Friday at the lecture, or contact us on if you cannot make it and would like to come, and cost £7. This includes drinks, snacks and nibbles.  The party is held in a 15th century house in the centre of Welwyn, one of the oldest surviving buildings in the village.


Upcoming events

November 20, 2016

Just a quick reminder that the conference is happening next Saturday (26th November).  If you haven’t got a ticket, you can pay on the door but please email me so I can order enough teas and coffees.

I am also going to be interviewed on Three Counties Radio on Wednesday afternoon, about 2.30pm.

See you Saturday!


Next lecture: 11th November

November 3, 2016



Next talk: 28th October 2016.

October 18, 2016

The next WAS talk on the 28th October is: 

Caring for the poor 1650-1800: A case study of Ashwell

David says:

During the 17th and 18th centuries parishes were responsible for their poor.  Responses to the plight of the poor took many forms including almshouses, workhouses and pensions.  This talk will illustrate how the Overseers of the Poor in Ashwell responded to the needs of parishioners.


Change of lecture

October 13, 2016

Unfortunately, Tim cannot make Friday but luckily, Keith Fitzpatrick-Matthews from North Herts has stepped in.  It should be an excellent talk.



Updated events

October 5, 2016

The lecture schedule for 2016/2017 has been posted on the “Schedule of Events” page, and news about the forthcoming conference now has its own page.

The next pottery group meeting is on Monday 24th October.  Please contact Clare Lewis if you wish to come.

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